Agreement with us

1. The terms of cooperation are binding on all transactions and arise at the beginning of the contractual relationship or use of the services of Golden Mango, Registration ID 1725469,  one party (hereinafter the company) and all entities and individuals, the other party (hereinafter the customer, clients, you), together - parties It has full legal force and effect from the moment you accept its terms and conditions. Acceptance of the terms of the Policy and the Rules - for irrevocable, unconditional cooperation - is a precondition for the parties. The only official version of these Terms and Conditions is the English language version; other versions and translations may be used by you for information and personal use.

2. The parties agree that these Rules shall at all times take precedence over all other oral and written contracts, agreements and other written and oral information obtained in the course of cooperation.

These rules will take effect when we receive our reply to your e-mail which reads: "This communication and all accompanying documents are confidential and may be protected by professional secrecy or otherwise. Any use, distribution, reproduction or disclosure other than by you is strictly prohibited. By replying to this letter, you unreservedly accept our regulations as set out on our official website, which form an integral part of all our agreements and which govern all relations between the Company and the Client, and that you have read and accept the information about the Company contained in the following section of the Company's official website: If you have received this communication in error, please contact the sender by phone or email immediately and delete the message. All communications are official and will be retained on our servers, if applicable"), indefinitely or until an official termination letter from the customer is sent in writing to our official email address or our registered office address.

3. We reserve the right to use our unregistered and official logos, names and websites. The company undertakes to always sign a contract stating the actual company name and client details to be verified before commencing cooperation.

4. The client of the company grants the company the irrevocable right to terminate the cooperation at any time at the company's discretion, without prior notice and without legal or financial consequences for the company, unless the company provides services for a fee.

5. The client of the company shall be informed by these rules that all conversations, correspondence etc. with them as representatives of the company may be recorded on the company's servers and used at the company's discretion without the client's consent

6. The client of the Company shall not disclose any information obtained through communications with the Company to any third party without the written consent of the Company, unless the parties have mutually agreed. A breach of this provision is subject to a fine of 50,000 (US$50,000) and cannot be challenged in court.

7. Our clients are prohibited from disclosing any information obtained through interaction with us to third parties without our written consent. A breach of this provision is subject to a fine of fifty thousand ($50,000) and cannot be challenged in court.

8. All customers unconditionally understand and accept that we provide consulting services and act as an intermediary between manufacturers (distributors) and end users and not ourselves as purchasers of products and that we receive a percentage of the transaction as compensation. By signing the agreement, the parties confirm that all information provided for review does not require additional knowledge, interpretation or expertise to understand other specific tools or resources. The terms "distribution" and "sale" refer to all activities related to the promotion of products.

9. The use of our services by our customers is at their own risk. All our services are provided as they are and are not intended to be otherwise. You are responsible for the risks and other adverse consequences of any interaction with us. The Services are clearly defined in the Agreement and these Terms and Conditions and nothing else is implied, and you will be responsible for any failure of the Services to meet your expectations.

10. You and your partner agree that the company may disregard written requests for information that are not directed to the email address provided on the website. You and your partner agree that the company is not obliged to provide you with any information about your use of the website, except in all cases where the company is obliged to do so by order of a competent court or other competent authority. Partners and customers are advised to independently check for previous versions of the Terms of Use in Google's web cache. This information is guaranteed by the largest company (Google). By using the above information and submitting it to the court, the Company may use such information and you and your partners agree and acknowledge that such information was obtained from a credible and appropriate source.

11. "Service" means: - acquiring something through the Company; - selling something through the Company; - providing advice; - providing support.

This interpretation is not a standard clause, but the parties cannot rely on this interpretation of the term.

12. Company cannot keep up to date with changes in their own law and that of their partners. Therefore, all partners must independently ascertain compliance with these provisions and the agreement on compliance with the law before commencing cooperation.

13. You recognize and understand that a company that offers intermediary services to find foreign producers, traders and other interested parties has the right to enter into contracts without limit on value. In doing so, the company's clients understand that the company's objective is not to acquire these products, but to provide (retransmit) the contracts concluded by the company in various forms to third parties at a rate determined by the company. At the same time, the client recognizes that this contract may not be fulfilled for various reasons (e.g. changes in market conditions, currency fluctuations, changes in political or economic conditions in the country where the products are distributed, inability to find a buyer willing to purchase from the manufacturer or distributor, or other reasons). All our customers and partners are aware of these conditions and accept them unconditionally, taking into account the risks and costs involved. However, the company will continue to monitor compliance with the terms of the contract.

14. The parties understand that the terms set out in the "Exclusive Rights Agreement" ("Producer or Distributor Agreement" (or its synonyms)) are of an introductory and general informative nature and establish only our right to grant exclusive marketing rights. An agreement of this kind cannot be construed otherwise than as an exclusivity agreement. The customer waives any and all liability of ours in connection with the need to acquire the goods and any other obligations arising from the acquisition of the goods.

15. The limitation period shall not exceed one year from the date of signing, regardless of the form of the contract.

16. The main language of the Agreement is English, other translations are provided for guidance and educational purposes only.

17. Before commencing work our clients must prove their creditworthiness by submitting financial documents from a banking institution confirming that they have at least 200% of the amount stated in the agreement or the equivalent on hand.

18. We have the right, at our discretion, to provide any defects or unperformed services and to maintain our goodwill for a period of three years after conclusion of the contract, notwithstanding the contract and the conditions of performance set out therein

19. Our failure to act in the event of a breach by you or any other person does not preclude us from taking appropriate action to protect our interests at any time thereafter, at our sole discretion. Nor does it mean that we waive our rights in the event of a breach by you.

20. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Company and the Client and the Client may not deal with the Company if the Client does not agree with the terms and conditions contained in these Terms and Conditions. The Company will not deal with clients who do not agree with these Terms and Conditions.

21. Golden Mango notifies all partners of the availability of additional services that the company provides independently or with the help of partner agencies. All producers and distributors need to familiarize themselves with exactly what services Golden Mango provides and make sure that they are necessary and valuable to them.

22. The managing director and/or owner of the company shall be solely responsible for the operations of the company and shall be fully liable for any services received or provided.

23. Under no circumstances can any employee, agent or affiliate of the Company be responsible for the full range of services provided by the Company as they may not have full and accurate information about the Company, its activities and objectives

24. Ensure you fully understand the contents of the contract you have entered into with the Company and these terms and conditions, that you are of sound mind, that you comply with the applicable law of your country and that you have full contractual capacity. These terms and conditions are in your best interests, are not inaccurate or misleading and all the information you have received has been checked by you in full and is not misleading.

25.If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should not enter into a contract with the Company.

26.We are not liable for the actions, materials, information or data of third parties and you will be released and discharged from any liability to us, its directors, officers, employees and agents for any damage, whether overt or covert. You work with us at your own risk and understand that the provision of our services may have unintended or unexpected consequences.

27. All written and oral agreements, all other understandings between you and us and all information received prior to signing the agreement with us and automatic acceptance which is not covered by its terms and conditions and signing the statement of loss - statements. will be deemed immaterial and irrelevant to the provision of the Services under this Agreement.

28. You understand that there is no objection to the form, type and construction of the agreement entered into with us, the annexes to the agreement and these terms and conditions

29. A breach of any of these clauses constitutes a material breach of contract with us and may result in termination of the relationship between us and the customer

30. The minimum work, effort and promotion we must undertake, subject to this agreement, is to advertise the product range to at least 30 internet sources and telephone calls (to at least 300 potential customers) during the term of this agreement.

30.1 Our clients understand that we will not directly advertise customers' products (i.e. post promotional material about them and their product). We will advertise only our company. In case potential buyers are interested, the company will offer the products of our customers